Power Plays


“It’s not easy being the new kid, especially when somebody hates you.”


Jessie has left the close friendships she’s had since her childhood and isn’t having an easy time fitting into her new Grade Nine class. Kim, one of her classmates, takes a disliking to her, pushing her around and setting her up to be attacked by a group of rough kids from the high school. It looks like life is going to be downhill from now on.

Then, because she used to play ringette, Jessie is invited to try out for the girls' hockey team. She doesn’t expect to like it, but as her skills grow, she makes new friends – girls who respect each other and rely on each other’s strength and hard work. Some even help her resist the bullies, until she can stand up for herself – stand up to Kim, who’s a pretty good hockey player herself, although not as good as she thinks she is. A fast-paced story about hockey, peer pressure and finding yourself.

  1. Finalist - Young Adult, Saskatchewan Book Awards, 2008

  2. Finalist - First Book, Saskatchewan Book Awards, 2008

  3. Finalist - Readers’ Choice, Saskatchewan Book Awards, 2008

  4. Gold Medal - Independent Publishers’ Moonbeam Award, Young Adult, 2008

  5. Finalist - Snow Willow, 2009

  6. Finalist - Stellar, 2010

The next day the girls stopped talking to me and started talking about me. I didn’t eat lunch at school because I had to walk Courtney home at noon and make her a sandwich. Noon is an important time at EJH. The students who stay at noon eat together in the gym and then go outside for twenty minutes to socialize. Everything happens at lunch. The flirting. The rumours. The breakups.

In the end, it turned out to be a good thing that I didn’t eat lunch at school because I wouldn’t have anyone to sit with anyway. For a while, the girls in my class pretty much ignored Me.

And then things started to happen.

My shirt ended up in the toilet during pe class. My pencil case kept getting ripped off. Feet suddenly appeared in the aisle, tripping me. Nasty notes showed up in my locker. Brown-noser! they said. Suck-up! I quit trying to get good Grades.

I know Kim is behind it all. She never misses the chance to stab me in the back.

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