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Winters on the prairies are long and cold, but in every community – large or small – hearts are on fire for hockey.


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Jessie Mac plays AAA

Three Saskatchewan Book Award Nominations

Jessie’s first year

Silver Medallist

Jessie goes to high school

Maureen knows her characters and the game. All that play-writing skill, for which the dialogue is the engine, she puts to such wonderful use in these books.

I found myself both believing Jessie and believing in her – this despite her terribly human tendency to speak when she shouldn’t and not speak when she should. Sometimes I found myself relating to her choices the way I do in memory to my own as a high school student, sometimes to the way I do when I know my own children are going through the process of making decisions that they must make, if only for a while, without me. Ultimately, of course, Jessie does choose the truth, and that makes her a hero, but that she has to wrestle with herself and all her fears and wounds to do so makes her human.

Richard Harrison,  Professor, Mount Royal University